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Meet Our
Automatic  Egg Cracker

Including fresh eggs in your recipes is always the best choice - they taste better and cost less - but hand cracking eggs is a long, wasteful process. Liquid eggs are a convenient alternative but they are costly, less savory and lose 30% of their baking effectiveness due to pasteurization. If your goal is to create a large volume production of high quality products, we have your solution. The Egg King!

How It Works

The Egg King uses centrifugal force to crack, extract and blend fresh eggs at once. Simply toss the eggs (shell and all) into the machine one flat at a time and the Egg King does the rest! The smart design separates the shells while simultaneously blending the albumen and yokes together. With the ability to crack and blend 360 eggs per minute, The Egg King performs 20x faster than traditional hand cracking.

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Fresh Egg
Fresh Egg
Fresh Egg

Hand-cracking eggs is often a very time consuming, repetitive process and your employee's time is precious because it is limited. Use your workforce for more important tasks and leave the egg cracking to us. We promise The Egg King will be the most cost-effective 24/7 year-round employee you'll ever have! 

Fresh Egg
Fresh Egg
“Discovering The Egg King has been one of the best finds we have made during our research for cost-effectiveness and labor-savings as we build our brand.  The Egg King has allowed us to drastically reduce prep labor costs, with weekly labor savings far exceeding the monthly rental rate of the machine.  The equipment is very user-friendly and easy to clean, and the service and support provided by The Egg King has been nothing short of phenomenal!  I highly recommend this product to any company using a large amount of eggs.  6 out of 5 stars!”

Shaun Davis, Cotton Blues Cheesecake Company

Top 10 Cheesecake Distributor Worldwide

Bake's Red Book 2023

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